You asked: What does slim think about George and Lennie traveling together?

Does Slim think that George and Lennie should travel together?

When Slim asks if they travel together, George replies that he and Lennie “kinda look after each other.” In Chapter 3, Slim notes that it is odd that George and Lennie travel together. He says this because most workers live alone, traveling from job to job.

What does slim first say about George and Lennie traveling together?

When he questions George and George says “we travel together,” Curley responds, “Oh, so it’s that way.” The third question comes from Slim, the “prince of the ranch,” whose comment is in the form of a friendly statement rather than a question: “You guys travel around together?” When George answers that they look after …

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What does Slim say about guys who travel together?

When discussing how George and Lennie travel together, Slim remarks: “‘Ain’t many guys travel around together,’ he mused. ‘I don’t know why. Maybe ever’body in the whole damn world is scared of each other.

Why does Slim think it’s funny that George and Lennie travel with friends?

What does Slim find “funny” about George and Lennie’s relationship? He thinks their relationship is funny because they travel and string along together unlike others. How does George explain his relationship with Lennie? He says that Lennie needs someone to take care of him.

What is different unique about George and Lennie’s relationship?

Lennie and George’s relationship is relatively unique, because the other ranch hands do not have anyone besides themselves. Lennie frequently asks George to remind him of the main difference between them and other ranch hands. George says, ‘Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world. . .

Why does George Trust slim?

Why does George trust Slim? Slim is respected for his skills on the ranch, good attitude towards everyone, and respectful manner of confidence.

What two major stories does George confess to slim Why does George tell slim?

What 2 major stories does George confess to Slim? Why does George tell Slim? he told Slim that Lennie is a nuisance. he thinks that he can trust slim.

Who is slim What kind act does Slim do for Lennie?

His job is the mule driver, and he is very skilled at it. What kind act does Slim do for Lennie? The kind act Slim does for Lennie is that he offers Lennie one of the new puppies.

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How does slim react to Curley’s wife death?

The reactions of Curley and Slim to the death of Curley’s wife were the same. They both freaked out and wanted to kill Lennie. Slim knew that if they killed Lennie, it would be more merciful than letting anything else happen.

What does Curley think about George and Lennie’s traveling together?

What does Curley think about George and Lennie traveling together? He thinks it is strange and is suspicious of George.

What does Lennie want George to get him that Slim has?

Early in the novella, George promises Lennie that he will get him a puppy if he gets the chance, saying the puppy would be “better than mice.” So, when Lennie and George overhear Slim talking about his dog’s new litter, Lennie immediately perks up and excitedly asks George to talk to Slim about giving him a “brown and …

Why does Slim say you Hadda George?

Why does Slim say,”You hadda, George. I swear you hadda”? he knows that George feels terrible about having to kill Lennie. He was the only one who had sympathy for him because he understood the relationship between George and Lennie.

How does slim react to George and lennies traveling together?

How does Slim react to Lennie and George’s traveling together? Thinks it’s funny how a smart guy like George hangs with a dumb guy like Lennie. Not many travelers look after each other. Why do you think George told Slim about what happened in Weed?

Why does George refuse to go with whit to see whether slim and Curley will get into a fight?

Why does George refuse to go with Whit to see whether Slim and Curley will get into a fight? He doesn’t want to get caught up in any trouble. Describe the offer Candy makes to George.

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What is the result of Curley and Lennie’s fight?

Curley apologises to Slim for accusing him of being with his wife and the men mock him for his insecurity about her. Angry, Curley accuses Lennie of laughing at him and starts to punch him; Lennie panics but does not react until George shouts at him to fight back. Lennie grabs Curley’s hand and crushes it.