Why do burn patients need a high calorie diet?

Do burn patients need more calories?

Healing from a burn injury requires more calories and protein than any other type of injury. You may need more nutrients than what you get from eating only by mouth. If this is the case, tube-feedings can deliver more nutrients.

How many calories does a burn victim need?

Adults can maintain body weight after severe burn injury only with aggressive, continuous nutrition of 25 kilocalories per kilogram body weight per day plus 40 kilocalories per percent total body surface area burn per day81,82.

What is the nutrition management of burn patients?

Enteral Feeding Should Be Commenced Early

Appropriate nutritional management of the severely burned patient is necessary to ensure optimal outcome. Initiation of early enteral feeding, within 6 to 18 hours post-burn injury, is recognised as beneficial, and has been shown to be safe in children as well as adults.

Why do burn patients lose so much weight?

It has been proposed that the breakdown of skeletal muscle might serve as a source of nitrogen to promote gluconeogenesis and wound healing in the burn patient [8]. This loss of muscle protein can last up to 1 year after burn, leading to significant loss of muscle mass, weight, and strength [9].

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Why do extensive burns increase metabolism?

The nutritional needs of burn patients are profound due to the paucity of glycogen stores, increased protein and muscle catabolism and increased metabolic rates. Research has led to dramatic improvements in survival by improving protein net balance, and metabolic rates.

Why is early enteral nutrition important in the burn patient?

Early enteral nutritional support in severe burns has demonstrated numerous advantages, such as increased caloric intake, insulin secretion and protein retention,11 improved bowel mucosal integrity,12 and decreased incidence of stress gastritis.

Why do burn patients need fluids?

The goal of fluid management in major burn injuries is to maintain the tissue perfusion in the early phase of burn shock, in which hypovolemia finally occurs due to steady fluid extravasation from the intravascular compartment.

Why are protein levels low after a burn?

Burn patients can also have important reduction in albumin level due to a higher vascular permeability in the burn wounds that produces exudation with an important protein loss through the burn wound [5] and an acute phase response of plasma protein synthesis in liver that occur with even a very small percentage of …