Which WW plan is best for weight loss?

How can I speed up weight loss on Weight Watchers?

How to Increase Your Metabolism

  1. Build and maintain body muscle mass. …
  2. Eat smaller meals throughout the day. …
  3. Avoid late night meals. …
  4. Stay hydrated.

Which WW plan is best Green Blue or Purple?

If you want a bigger list of ZeroPoint foods, you may want to choose the Purple plan. If you want a larger number of SmartPoints you may want to follow the Green plan. If you want a good mix of the two, you may want to follow the Blue plan.

What is the difference between Green Blue and Purple Weight Watchers?

In general, the Green plan will include fruits and non-starchy vegetables. The Blue plan will include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, eggs, and legumes. The Purple plan will include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, legumes, eggs, fat free dairy and whole grains.

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Who is the WW Purple plan best for?

Purple is a fantastic plan for those who hate to count and just want to eat without worrying about calories. The downside of Purple is for those of us who really need to count. You can overdo the zero point foods on Purple if you decide that you can eat past when you are full.

How many calories is 23 points?

Example: That means 23 SmartPoints equals approximately 690 calories.

How many calories is 28 WW points?

28 points on WW is 1,298 calories…

Which WW plan is the strictest?

How Does the Weight Watchers GREEN Program work? This program is the most strict of the 3 plans. If you need the most structure and accountability, this is the program for you. This is best for you if you struggle with overeating Zero point foods.

Why did I get Green on Weight Watchers?

Here’s what the colors mean, according to WW: Green guides people towards 100+ ZeroPoint foods, with the largest SmartPoints Budget to spend on other foods they love. Blue is based on 200+ ZeroPoint foods to build meals around, with a smaller SmartPoints Budget.

Do you lose weight on Weight Watchers Green plan?

People with more weight to lose may see a bigger change on the scales in the first few weeks of the plan compared to someone who has joined WW just to lose a few kilos. Once settled into the plan, WW suggest that you should expect a loss of between 0.5 kilo to 1 kilo a week (one to two pounds).

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How do I know what WW plan im on?

Go to the home screen and tap on the profile icon in the top right corner. Then tap the settings icon (top right corner) and select “Food settings” and then “Food plan”. How do I decide which plan is best for me? Start by thinking about the way you want to be eating and your weight loss goals.

What is WW purple plan?

Purple offers you a personalized SmartPoints Budget and 300+ ZeroPoint foods that you don’t have to measure or count including plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, plus chicken and turkey breast, eggs, beans, whole grains, potatoes, and more.

How do I know which Weight Watchers color I am?

Green has a sizable SmartPoints Budget and 100+ ZeroPoint foods (fruits and non-starchy veggies). Blue has a moderate SmartPoints Budget and 200+ ZeroPoint foods (fruits, veggies, and lean proteins). Purple has a modest SmartPoints Budget and 300+ ZeroPoint foods (fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains).

How many points is WW purple plan?

On the Purple Plan, you’ll get a minimum of 16 SmartPoints, being adjusted for height, weight, gender, etc.

What is WW Blue Plan?

Blue guides you toward a list of foods that form the basis of healthy eating habits, with a moderate SmartPoints Budget that you can spend on other foods you love. You’ll build meals around 200+ ZeroPoint™ foods including fruits, veggies, and lean proteins, and track other foods that have SmartPoints values.

What are zero point foods on WW purple?

The Purple Plan includes 300+ ZeroPoint foods from which to base your meals and snacks including fruits, vegetables, eggs, skinless chicken breast, skinless turkey breast, fish and seafood, corn, beans, peas, lentils, tofu, nonfat plain yogurt and cottage cheese potatoes, whole wheat pasta and grains.

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