How much weight did Honey Boo Boo lost?

Did Alana lose weight surgery?

Alana’s mother previously documented her own incredible weight loss journey on the reality series. While undergoing her transformation, she got gastric sleeve surgery, a breast augmentation, veneers and skin removal surgery. With the help of her trainer, June was able to stick to course and lose 300 pounds.

How did June from Honey Boo Boo lose weight?

June Shannon — a.k.a. Mama June — chronicled her 300-pound weight loss on the WE tv reality show Mama June: From Not to Hot. The once 460-pound TV personality had gastric sleeve surgery in May 2016 and later underwent a tummy tuck.

Is Alana Thompson obese?

The doctors — Stork and Jennifer Ashton — reveal that Alana’s height and weight — 4-foot-6 and 125 pounds — is not good, especially for a 9-year-old. “She is obese,” says Ashton. Mama June says that a lot of the weight is due to steroids Alana takes for her asthma.

Did Mama June have facial surgery?

MAMA June unveiled her new face after having neck liposuction and dental work in a $55,000 plastic surgery transformation. The reality star, 41, had more than a pound of fat removed from her neck and veneers fitted after her teeth were ravaged by her crack addiction.

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Did Mama June have a gastric sleeve?

June’s body transformation was documented on hit show Mama June: From Not to Hot after she underwent a $75,000 gastric sleeve surgery, breast augmentation and skin removal surgery. She stunned fans by losing the weight, but her healthy lifestyle appears to have slipped recently.

How has Rebel Wilson lost her weight?

Wilson slimmed down after embarking on a year of health in January 2020. By that November, she shared that she had reached her goal weight. The “Isn’t It Romantic” star has contributed her weight loss to sticking to a high-protein diet and switching up her exercise routine.

How much weight has Alana lost?

Alana started with a no grease, oil free diet, as she became a teenager in 2018. By this, she has managed to have a weight loss of 5 pounds, which was a difficult task for Alana and June.

How tall is Honey Boo?

Although Alana hasn’t come out to say she was diagnosed with diabetes, it does run in her family. Her father, Mike Thompson, also known to fans as Sugar Bear, lives with diabetes, and it has caused health problems for him over the years.

What happened to Mama June chin?

June “Mama June” Shannon showed off her latest makeover in a photo shoot after undergoing plastic surgery for her “triple chin” and dental work for a new set of veneers. The From Not to Hot star showed off the results of her chin and neck liposuction procedure in a flowy burnt orange top with black leggings.

Did Geno have his lump removed?

As for Geno, he got new veneers of his own and underwent gastric sleeve surgery in addition to getting a lipoma removed from his neck and head. Geno had little “success” in losing weight through diet and exercise alone, so he opted for the surgery — which June underwent in 2016.

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What kind of surgery did Honey Boo Boo have?

He said: “I was tipping the scales at over 300lbs and the lumps I had on my neck and head for years. “Having those removed, the gastric sleeve done and my new teeth feels great. I’ve already lost 23 lbs.”