How did the beast lose weight?

How did The Beast lose so much weight?

Labbett spoke about his weight loss journey during his appearance on Loose Women in March, saying that he had dropped five trouser sizes mainly by cutting down on sugar and carbs.

How many pounds did The Beast on the chase lose?

How much weight did Mark Labbett lose? Mark revealed that he had lost two-and-a-half-stone from his original 378lbs weight. Previously opening up about his weight loss, Mark wrote on social media: “#thechase lost four inches off my chest and six inches off my belly in last six months.

Did The Beast have weight loss surgery?

Of why he chose not to have surgery, Mark said: ‘I’m not a drinker but sugar has always been my downfall. A good friend of mine who had the gastric band said it won’t do any good for me as I get all my calories by sugar, and it’s too easy to digest. ‘ He added: ‘I still have sugar but an awful lot less.

How much does The Beast weigh now?

‘Lightest I’ve been’

At his heaviest, Mark weighed in at 184kg, telling The Sun, “This is the lightest I’ve been in 25 years.” “I’m now under 20 stone [127kg], and I am really feeling the difference, as well as seeing it,” he added.

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What does Mark Labbett do now?

Mark Andrew Labbett (born 15 August 1965) is an English quizzer and television personality. Since 2009 he has been one of the “chasers” on the ITV game show The Chase and from late February 2022 rejoined the Australian version of the show.

What Is The Beast IQ?

Chaser Mark Labbett, aka The Beast, has an IQ which is staggeringly above average, at 155. This impressive score is easily high enough to get the 55-year-old into the ancient and notorious high-IQ society Mensa.

Does Mark Labbett have a child?

They were married for seven years and have a four-year-old son, Lawrence, together.

What disease does Mark Labbett have?

Labbett, who has gone public with his health struggles in the past, revealed that his type 2 diabetes was only diagnosed thanks to a nurse’s probing question. “I’ve never had a diabetic episode,” he explained to the UK’s Daily Express.