Can a woman lose weight on 1500 calories per day?

How much weight will I lose eating 1500 calories a day?

The number of calories that you need to eat in a day is not just dependent on your diet but also on the level of your physical activity. Experts believe that 1500-calorie diet, which is 500 calories less than 2000-calorie diet, is enough to shed 0.45 kgs in a week.

How many calories should a woman eat a day trying to lose weight?

Moderately active: To maintain weight, a moderately active woman between ages 26-50 needs roughly 2,000 calories per day. To shed 1 pound a week, she needs to reduce her calorie intake to 1,500 calories per day.

Does a 1500 calorie diet work?

Medical studies have proven that if a person reduces their calorie intake by 500-1000 calories per day, they are likely to lose 1-2 pounds of weight per week (3). For most women, this comes down to an intake of 1200-1500 calories per day and for men, 1500-1800 calories per day to promote weight loss at a healthy pace.

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Is it OK to burn 1500 calories a day?

With the right exercise, you can burn 1,500 calories in as little as an hour. Aerobic exercises are the best choice as they burn the most calories in the least amount of time. Weight training, however, can also help you burn more calories per day as 1 pound of muscle burns more calories at rest than 1 pound of fat.

How many calories should I eat a day to lose 4 lbs a week?

In general, a reduction of 500 calories per day will help you lose 1 pound in a week, which translates to a daily calorie deficit of 2,000 calories per day to lose 4 pounds in a week.

How many calories does a 5’2 woman need?

Recommended daily calorie intakes in the US are around 2,500 for men and 2,000 for women. Eating a big breakfast could help with weight reduction and maintenance.

How do you know how many calories you should eat to lose weight?

To lose weight, you will need to get below that total. For example, to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week — a rate that experts consider safe — your food consumption should provide 500 to 1,000 calories less than your total weight-maintenance calories.

Will eating 1500 calories slow my metabolism?

Healthy Calorie Goals Sustain Metabolism

You’re on a low-calorie diet if you get fewer than 1,200 calories. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute recommends a weight-loss diet of 1,200 to 1,500 calories daily for women, while men should lose weight by consuming 1,500 to 1,800 calories per day.

How many steps does it take to burn 1500 calories?

Height 6 Feet and Above

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2,000 Steps per Mile (Height 6 Feet and Above) Calories Burned by Step Count and Weight
17,000 468 1,275
18,000 495 1,350
19,000 523 1,425
20,000 550 1,500

Why am I not losing weight on 1000 calories a day?

The diet doesn’t have enough calories

Eating too little — say, 1,000 calories a day — can prevent you from losing weight, too. “When you don’t eat enough, your body is starving and it’s not going to lose any extra weight” because it needs those energy stores to keep you alive, Fakhoury said.

How much do I have to walk to burn 1500 calories?

Calories burned walking by miles

In order to burn 2,000 calories, you will need to increase your walking distance by 301.7%, for a total of 23.7 miles. Burning 1,500 calories requires walking 17.8 miles which is 50.8% further compared to the distance needed to burn 1,000 calories.