You asked: What happens during aerobic metabolism?

Where does aerobic metabolism happen?

Aerobic metabolism consists of two different pathways, the Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain, both of which occur in the mitochondria, the energy factories of cells.

What are the four parts of aerobic metabolism?

Aerobic respiration involves four stages:

  • glycolysis,
  • a transition reaction that forms acetyl coenzyme A,
  • the citric acid (Krebs) cycle, and an electron transport chain and.
  • chemiosmosis.

What is the process of anaerobic metabolism?

Anaerobic metabolism, which can be defined as ATP production without oxygen (or in the absence of oxygen), occurs by direct phosphate transfer from phosphorylated intermediates, such as glycolytic intermediates or creatine phosphate (CrP), to ADP forming ATP.

What is the final step of aerobic metabolism?

The final step in aerobic respiration is the electron transport chain. In this phase, the NADH and FADH donate their electrons to make large amounts of ATP.

What is aerobic and anaerobic metabolism?

Your ability to work and live depends on your metabolism, or the ability of your cells to convert proteins, carbohydrates and fats into energy. Whereas aerobic metabolism requires oxygen, anaerobic metabolism takes place without oxygen. These dual processes are not isolated but typically work in concurrence.

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What happens to metabolism during exercise?

With an increasing duration of exercise, glucose uptake by muscle begins to decline, and there is an increased dependency on free fatty acids for energy metabolism. Free fatty acid uptake becomes progressively greater, so that after 3–4 h of moderate exercise, free fatty acids are the predominant fuel being utilized.

What occurs during anaerobic metabolism quizlet?

What is anaerobic metabolism? ATP production using only substrate level phosphorylation. During anaerobic metabolism, substrate-level phosphorylation (during glycolysis) is the only mechanism for making ATP.

What are the 3 phases of anaerobic metabolism?

This process occurs in three stages: glycolysis , the Krebs cycle , and electron transport .

What happens during aerobic respiration quizlet?

Aerobic (“oxygen-using”) respiration occurs in three stages: glycolysis, the Krebs cycle, and electron transport. In glycolysis, glucose is split into two molecules of pyruvate. This results in a net gain of two ATP molecules. You just studied 9 terms!

What is the role of oxygen in aerobic metabolism?

Aerobic metabolism uses oxygen as the final electron acceptor in the electron transport chain and combines with hydrogen to form water [1].