Which is better BMI or Ascap?

Do I need both BMI and ASCAP?

Do I need a separate license for live music? Yes. If you’re using a background music provider that includes licensing for the music, you still need to pay BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC for live performances, unless your background music provider can also provide licensing for this.

Can you have both ASCAP and BMI?

You can use the same business entity (e.g. LLC) when registering as a publisher with ASCAP and BMI, but your affiliation name should be slightly different with each society.

Does BMI own my music?

No. BMI only represents its members in their role as songwriters, composers and publishers of songs and scores. Getting a record deal is not within the scope of our business.

Who is bigger BMI or ASCAP?

ASCAP is the oldest and second-largest PRO in the US with great benefits, at a $50 registration fee. However, they do take the longest to pay out royalties at 6,5 months after the end of each quarter. BMI is the largest PRO in the US, with free registration but fewer benefits than the others.

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Does Spotify pay ASCAP?

Bar managers and Spotify users don’t individually pay royalties to every songwriter whose music they play, though. Instead, businesses like bars and the Spotify corporation buy blanket licenses from PROs to “perform” music. These licensing agreements then fund the royalties paid out to ASCAP artists.

Do I need ASCAP if I have Distrokid?

Do I Have to as an Artist? We do not register your music BMI or ASCAP. You also don’t have to after you distribute your music through us.

What are the benefits of ASCAP?

As an ASCAP member, you get an exclusive package of benefits, designed to make your life as a music professional a little bit easier.

  • Wellness.
  • Creation Tools & Gear.
  • Education.
  • Instrument & Studio Insurance.
  • Marketing.
  • Merchandise.
  • Travel.

Does BMI get YouTube royalties?

Collection societies such as BMI and ASCAP have blanket licences with Google-owned YouTube, which currently only pays royalties of about $40 per million streams, according to recent royalty statements.

Should I join BMI as a songwriter?

When should I join BMI? Joining BMI is an important early step in an aspiring songwriter, composer and/or artist’s career. If you have written at least one musical composition, either by yourself or with others, and the composition is currently being performed or is likely to be performed soon, you should join BMI.

Can I be a writer with BMI and a publisher with ASCAP?

Yes, a BMI writer can have an ASCAP publishing entity.

How much does BMI pay per stream?

The government-mandated royalty rate is 10.5 percent of the gross revenue minus the cost of public performance. The average rate per stream is about ​$0.005​.

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Is BMI music legitimate?

Performing rights organizations (PROs) are legitimate membership groups in the music industry that manage the copyrights of songs and musical compositions on behalf of artists and music publishers.

Does ASCAP Copyright your music?

ASCAP does not register music for the purpose of copyright protection; this is the responsibility of the writer(s) and publisher(s) of any given work. You can register your music for copyright protection through the Library of Congress which can be reached at 202-707-3000 or on the web at www.loc.gov.