Essential Oils Cheat Sheet

Are you wondering what all this essential oils hype is about? It seems that over the past year, the internet has exploded with all kinds of information on essential oils. And if you are new to the idea of using essential oils, it can all be a little overwhelming. Where to even start?! I am not a skeptical person by nature, but when I started using essential oils even was surprised and amazed at how much they influenced my well-being. I have also seen many essential oil skeptics transformed into essential oil believers.

The thing is, there is good reason for all of this oily hype! Essential oils really can help take your health and wellness to the next level. To read more about how essential oils changed my life, see my post Essential Oils for Respiratory Support.

To help guide you on your essential oils journey, I’ve put together a quick and easy essential oils cheat sheet! This will help you get an idea of the wide variety of applications essential oils can have in your daily life.

Health Canada has approved a multitude of Young Living Essential Oils as Natural Health Products (NHP). This means that the health claims that you see here are backed by scientific evidence, and have been confirmed by Health Canada as safe and effective natural remedies!
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