Essential Oils for Deep & Restful Sleep

Essential oils are such a big part of my bedtime routine, I don’t remember how I used to go to bed without them. It’s so easy to fall into a deep, restful sleep with the assistance of these beautiful plant essences.

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A Touch of Love

Valentines is upon us again, and you’ll be oh so surprised to find out that I plan on celebrating with an array of beautiful + divine essential oil aromas. I’ve always loved this holiday, I feel like it gives all of us something to look forward to in the seemingly endless winter months.  Continue reading “A Touch of Love”

Using Essential Oils in your Dental Routine

Commercial Toothpaste contains numerous carcinogens and synthetic chemicals. What we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, cells and organs… and what goes in our mouth is (of course) going to be absorbed even more readily!

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5 Essential Oil Blends I Can’t Live Without + How To Make Them

Once you realize what a difference essential oils can make in your daily life, it is hard to go to anywhere without a huge bag full of all your favourites. For that reason, these roller bottle blends come in really handy when you’re on the go! Continue reading “5 Essential Oil Blends I Can’t Live Without + How To Make Them”

Winter Diffuser Blends

We’re into the last week before Christmas! I’ve always loved the holiday season, and this year is no exception. I am especially excited to have my essential oils on hand over the holidays this year, to help support health and wellness in my entire family. Continue reading “Winter Diffuser Blends”