5 Essential Oil Blends I Can’t Live Without + How To Make Them

Once you realize what a difference essential oils can make in your daily life, it is hard to go to anywhere without a huge bag full of all your favourites. For that reason, these roller bottle blends come in really handy when you’re on the go! Continue reading “5 Essential Oil Blends I Can’t Live Without + How To Make Them”

Whipped Body Butter

This is the easiest, most rewarding DIY yet! If your in a crunch for time but need a thoughtful gift, try this recipe. All you’ll need is cocoa butter, coconut oil and essential oils. Continue reading “Whipped Body Butter”

Coconut + Aloe Vera Lotion

Have you been wondering how to make completely natural, hydrating body lotion that isn’t greasy? This 4 ingredient recipe couldn’t be simpler! Continue reading “Coconut + Aloe Vera Lotion”

DIY Natural Facial Toner

Since I was very little, it seems that the answer to almost any problem in our house could be solved by witch hazel. A scraped knee, bruises, bug bites, sunburn, acne…. Continue reading “DIY Natural Facial Toner”