Essential oils for back and muscle pain

Top 4 Essential Oils for Muscle & Back Pain

If you suffer with frequent muscle pain, I’m sure you’ve probably tried topical creams and gels such as Bengay, Icy Hot, or Rub A535. These topical pain-relieving creams promise “fast, long lasting relief”, and would appear to be a pretty safe choice for minor back injuries. But if you read the instructions closely, it tell you to “apply generously to affected area” but “no more than 4 times per day”.

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Why you should be taking magnesium baths

Magnesium is one of 6 essential minerals that the body needs in relatively large quantities. It is involved in over 300 biochemical pathways in the body – from muscle and function, to maintaining blood pressure, bone growth,  producing energy, and DNA synthesis. It plays an important role in transporting calcium and potassium across cellular membranes, and is directly involved in conducting nerve impulses to the brain and muscle contraction. Continue reading “Why you should be taking magnesium baths”

4 little known essential oils for acne

4 Little Known Essential Oils for Acne

Just about everyone has heard of using tea tree essential oil to treat acne. But these 4 little known essential oils are scientifically proven to help reduce symptoms of acne, and are actually approved by Health Canada as Natural Health Products! This means there is documented evidence demonstrating that they are highly effective at reducing symptoms and providing relief from acne. With a long history of being beneficial ingredients in cosmetics, you can use any of these oils to help with the relief of acne symptoms:

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Must Have Essential Oils for Travel

Why Essential Oils?

Are you wondering what all this essential oil hype is about? Over the past couple of years, the internet has exploded with all kinds of information about essential oils, DIY recipes, and essential oil blends. However, essential oils are woven into human history, and have been used therapeutically for thousands of years. Records dating back to 4500 BC describe aromatic substances being used for religious and medicinal applications. Continue reading “Why Essential Oils?”

5 Best Essential Oils for Sleep

Do you ever have those nights where you just can’t relax, turn your mind off… and get a good night’s sleep? With the help of these essential oils, you’ll wake up feeling energized and well-rested! So many people wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep because they have racing thoughts and worries. That’s where essential oils come in, as they are a powerful tool for relaxation and reducing stress! Continue reading “5 Best Essential Oils for Sleep”