Why I Eat A Plant Based + Whole Food Diet

For me, the choice to become vegetarian was simple. It really came down to two things: my health, and the health of the environment.

In all honesty, the documentary Cowspiracy made a huge impression on me. And no, it’s not a video about cows being brutally slaughtered on factory farms!   Continue reading “Why I Eat A Plant Based + Whole Food Diet”

Raspberry Cashew Pudding

I’ve been on the hunt to find the perfect recipe for this raspberry power pudding… I’ve tried so many variations! First with avocados, and then I moved on to cashews. This past week I blended up this simple recipe, and I think we’ve struck gold here! This is such a tasty, healthy, and filling breakfast.  Continue reading “Raspberry Cashew Pudding”

Mango Turmeric Green Smoothie

I know that some of you don’t like eating your greens… but dear friend I promise you: when you blend up a smoothie as delicious as this, with sweet fruits AND veggies, you’ll be coming back for more! This is so delicious, and makes a filling breakfast as well!

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Bulletproof Matcha Latte

Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I love a good GREEN drink – whether it’s a smoothie, a fresh juice, or a matcha latté! Just thinking about it makes me smile. I’ve been making matcha at home now for quite a while, but I just recently learned of a new way to boost the superfood qualities of this delicious tea…

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This nutritious overnight oats recipe only takes 5 minutes to prepare ahead the night before. Pop in in the fridge before bed, and this delicious breakfast will be waiting for you in the morning! Click through to read more, or pin to save for later!

Overnight Oats with Raspberry Chia Jam

You know those days when you wake up late and only have time to drink your coffee, and eat a couple pieces of fruit before you run out the door? That’s been happening to me a lot lately. Continue reading “Overnight Oats with Raspberry Chia Jam”

Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps and Lion's Mane are a couple of common medicinal mushrooms that are extremely effective at helping us build resistance to disease, viruses and environmental toxins. Click through to read more, or pin to save for later!

Mushroom Coffee for Energy + Immunity

One group of superfoods that has really caught my eye lately, are medicinal mushrooms. Used throughout Asia in traditional medicines for over 2000 years, medicinal mushrooms have been documented both historically and in current scientific research, as powerful superfoods with adaptogenic properties. Continue reading “Mushroom Coffee for Energy + Immunity”