Essential Oils for Beginners + A Special Offer!

Maybe you’ve just heard of essential oils, and you’re wondering what all this excitement is about. Let me walk you through step by step, how to use essential oils in your daily life.

How do essential oils work?

Well, essential oils are made up of minute, tiny little lipid-soluble molecules. They are so small, they can administer therapy at the most fundamental levels of the body. One drop contains 40 million trillion molecules – there are very concentrated, and you only have to use a little to get results.


The healing power of essential oils lies in the constituents that it contains, and their vibrational energy. Each essential oil is composed of 200 – 500 natural chemical constituents, and can therefore be helpful in healing many different symptoms in the body. No two oils are the same. The healing power of an essential oil cannot be manufactured in a lab, but must be harvested from the highest quality of plants.

Essential oils are so tiny, they can penetrate through cell membranes and travel throughout the body. They even have the unique ability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier. The lipid- soluble structure of essential oils is very similar to the makeup of our own cellular membranes. When applied topically, essential oils can travel throughout the body in a matter of minutes.

With that in mind, you can see how integrating essential oils into your daily wellness routine could impact your health in such a positive manner! Here are some ideas on how to use the oils from the Young Living premium starter kit in your everyday life:


Ready to dive in?

From September 1 – September 15th, 2017, Young Living Canada is offering the Premium Starter Kit at 10% off wholesale pricing! Don’t miss out on this offer, create your Young Living wholesale account now:



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